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What Tax Service USA does for you

You've tried the rest.

Why wait  in line for hours at the large tax preparation chains, only to be greeted by a newly-trained employee with virtually no income tax experience?

Why pay  4 times the price for them to prepare your taxes?

With Tax Service USA, no appointment is needed; we are already ready for you.   At Tax Service USA, you don't have to change your schedule to meet with us; we are available when you are ready.  Just contact us to go over the many options to submit your documents and information.  Please always call 816-916-3633 to receive the quickest service &/or if you plan to visit one of our locations.

All taxes are filed in less than a week's time and usually within 2-3 days.


At Tax Service USA, we believe in charging a fair price, excellent service, and great advice. Check out our rates for more information.   We have been preparing tax returns for many satisfied customers since 1995.  

Included for FREE with our prices of your tax preparation are the following items:  

Year-Round Support - Our offices are open year round to serve your needs.  

Accuracy Guarantee - We will give you the most accurate return and the largest possible refund. If we make an error in the preparation of your return that results in penalties and interest, we will pay the associated penalties and interest.

Free Consultation - Information and consultations are always free at Tax Service USA.  

Audit Assistance - If the IRS audits you for a return we prepared, we will accompany you to the audit and will answer questions as to how the return was prepared.  

Correspondence Assistance - We offer IRS tax help by assisting you with all IRS and state correspondence that you receive; including audits, letters, and inquiries about your tax return.  

Free Copies - You can, at any time, get copies of your tax return for free.